The Trust is busy setting up its structures and organisation and only then will the lodging, assessment, and certification of claims and the payment of compensation benefits on a large scale become possible. The Trust is working as quickly as possible to complete this work so that claims can be lodged and processed.

The Trust Deed emphasises the importance of cooperating with the Medical Bureau for Occupational Diseases (MBOD), the Compensation Commissioner for Occupational Diseases (CCOD), which administer the state compensation system, and the National Institute of Occupational Health (NIOH). Discussions between the Trust and these organisations are underway to find ways of working together to enhance the functioning of the Trust’s work.

It is important to note that compensation from the Tshiamiso Trust is a top-up over and above compensation received from the MBOD. Compensation from the Trust is a once-off payment to eligible claimants.

As part of the claims lodgement process the Trust is developing a claims management information technology system. This work is underway and will initially be implemented at specific sites in selected locations as part of a pilot to test its efficiency and to ensure that it serves the needs of claimants and the Trust.

In accordance with the settlement agreement the databases of the participating mining companies, the claimants’ attorneys and other relevant sources have been combined and given to the Trust. This will assist the Trust in identifying potentially eligible claimants.

At as early a stage as possible, the Trust hopes to be able to process the first eligible claimants through the Trust’s claims management system.

The Trust plans to use user friendly communication tools to enable claimants to check for themselves whether there is adequate information on the Trust’s database to support a potential claim, and to receive information on where to formally lodge the claim and go for medical assessments, if required.