In October 2020, the Executive Management Team was appointed to run the day-to-day operations of the trust and to ensure the infrastructure and processes are in place for the lodgement of claims and payment of compensation to eligible claimants.

The following structures have been established, as required by the Trust Deed, including appointing individuals to posts specified in the Trust Deed. The central structures for the approval of claims are:

Trust Certification Committee

The Trust Certification Committee is required to assess documents in respect of every claim submitted in order to determine whether each claim is valid.

Medical Certification Panel

The Medical Certification Panel assesses the medical reports that must accompany each claim. A panel of 12 medical doctors have been appointed to sit on the panel, split into groups of three doctors per panel.

Medical Advisory Panel

An expert Medical Advisory Panel has been set up to advise the trustees on any medically related matters.

Main members

Dr Mpho Rabada

Prof. Mohammed Jeebhay

Prof. David Rees

Alternate members

Dr Spo Kgalamono

Associate Prof. Saloshni Naidoo

Dr Vanessa Govender


Any claimant whose application is declined, either on medical or any other grounds, may lodge a dispute with the Reviewing Authority. The Reviewing Authority is comprised of independent experts who were not involved in determining the original claim outcome, and includes the following bodies:

Medical Reviewing Authority

The Medical Reviewing Authority reviews disputes related to medical certification findings.

Main members

Dr Audrey Vukosi Banyini

Prof. Rodney Ehrlich

Alternate member

Prof. Rajen Naidoo

Certification Reviewing Authority

The Certification Reviewing Authority reviews Notices of Ineligibility issued by Lodgement Officers and Notices of Ineligibility or Certification issued by the Trust Certification Committee.


Simon Hayes

Mkhuseli Nyembezi