Documents to assist you with your claim and keep you informed.

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Tshiamiso Trust Review Process

A claimant can lodge a request to review the results of a claim (referred to as the determination) by contacting the Trust. The Review Process shows the four steps to follow.

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Annual Report 2020/21:

The Tshiamiso Trust has released its first Annual Report. Our Annual Report 2020/21 outlines our work, challenges and successes in the first year of our operation. It also sets out the steps we will take in the year ahead.

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Tshiamiso Trust Stakeholder Site Visits Process

A visit to a Tshiamiso facility must be by prior arrangement with the Trust. Stakeholders who wish to visit a lodgement site and observe the process a claimant goes through to lodge their claim with the Tshiamiso Trust are asked to please read the following document which details the site visit process.

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Tshiamiso Trust Complaints Process


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Tshiamiso Trust Whistleblowing Policy

In our effort to promote an ethically compliant organisation the Tshiamiso Trust utilises the private and confidential services of Whistle Blowers (PTY) LTD which is an independent ethics hotline service.

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Trust deed summary