Tshiamiso is a Setswana word that means ‘to make good’, or ‘to correct’. It is our vision to live up to our name. In our work, we strive to have a meaningful and positive impact on the lives of beneficiaries of the Trust – eligible current and former mineworkers afflicted with silicosis and work-related TB, as well as their dependants.


Our purpose is to make the intentions and terms of the historic silicosis and TB settlement agreement a reality for the people it affects. The Trust will use all reasonable means to ensure that eligible claimants receive the compensation that is due to them, and will seek to leave a positive legacy, in co-operation with the Compensation Commissioner and the mining industry, by improving systems and processes that give eligible mineworkers quick and easy access to the benefit systems they need.


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    Compassion and care
    We will be caring and compassionate in all our dealings with those who approach the Trust
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    We are honest and uncompromising in living our values, and will be transparent in all that we do
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    Dignity & Respect
    We treat all who come to us with dignity and respect
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    We carry out our role effectively and efficiently in accordance with the settlement agreement and court order