The Tshiamiso Trust manages thousands of claims for mineworkers eligible for compensation due to contracting TB or silicosis from working in certain gold mines during specific periods between 12 March 1965 and 10 December 2019. If you are claiming this compensation, please be aware of the following:
  • To claim is free.
  • The claims process is not quick.
  • You need to be approved through very specific criteria, which is assessed through 8 stages of the claims process.
  • Certain information and documents will be required from a claimant.
Tshiamiso is a Setswana word meaning ‘to make good’ or ‘to correct’
It is our vision to live up to our name and while the past cannot be undone the Trust will strive to make a difference now and in the future.



This is the step-by-step process on how to claim a benefit.
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It should be noted that certain mines that changed ownership over time are qualifying mines only for those periods that they were associated with any of the six companies party to the settlement agreement.


  • Mineworkers who did risk work at qualifying gold mines (during the qualifying period, 12 March 1965 – 10 December 2019) (or if deceased, their dependants) are potentially eligible for compensation. Risk work is work where an employee may have been exposed to dust that could have caused silicosis or TB.
  • If a mineworker worked on any of these mines for more than 5 years they are entitled to a free medical benefit examination to determine whether they have silicosis or TB as defined in the trust deed. If they do, they will be eligible for compensation. The amount of compensation depends on the nature of the eligible claimant’s illness.
  • The amount will be reduced pro rata for any time that they worked at a non-qualifying mine (or at a qualifying mine during a non-qualifying period).
  • But if they worked at one or more qualifying mines during qualifying periods for 30 years or more they will be paid the full amount of compensation due for the relevant class of silicosis or TB as defined in the trust deed. Mineworkers who worked for less than 5 years at qualifying mines are also potentially eligible for compensation but if they want to claim they must have a benefit medical examination at their own expense (and will be reimbursed if it turns out that they do have silicosis or TB as defined in the trust deed).


To claim is FREE, you must not pay anyone to help you submit your claim.

  • Only share your documents with the officials at the lodgement office
  • Do not hand your documents over to anyone outside the lodgement office
  • Do not email your documents to anyone except if the call centre asks you to email to

Your claim is then processed, and the Trust will inform you of progress as and when necessary. ONLY the Tshiamiso Trust can help you with your claim.