The Trust strongly recommends that people wanting to lodge a claim first self-check to see if they meet the criteria to successfully lodge a claim from the Trust.

By entering your SA ID number or your Industry Number you can self-check that your details are on the Tshiamiso Trust database and to see if you may be eligible to lodge a claim with the Trust.

Please note: when you enter your cell number on the system you must not include your country code, please just type in the number for example: 084 555 555 
  • Using the Check Your Details tool is not part of lodging a claim but rather a way that potential claimants can check if they meet the criteria to lodge a claim
  • This tool will also help the Trust to know if there is enough information from a potentially eligible claimant to support a claim

Who can claim?

It is important to note that only people that meet the conditions set out in the Trust Deed will be eligible to claim compensation from the Tshiamiso Trust.

You may be eligible for compensation:

  • If you worked at one of the mines listed HERE
  • During the qualifying period which is any time between 12 March 1965 – 10 December 2019
  • And if you got sick with silicosis or TB by doing risk work
  • OR if you are the dependant (wife, partner or child) of such a mineworker who has passed away

Documents you will need to lodge a claim:

  • Valid proof of identification (e.g. South African ID document (ID book or card) or passport or valid foreign national identification document)
  • SADC passport (if the claimant has one)
  • Industry card (Makhuluskop card)
  • Record of service documents - work history, including old passport with company stamps, salary slips, medical records etc.
  • If a Deceased claim – a death certificate, post-mortem report or other medical information pertaining to the mineworker and proof of kinship e.g. marriage certificate.  The dependant must also provide their valid identification document and the deceased’s identification document.

Very important!

  • To claim is FREE
  • You do not need to pay anyone to help you to submit a claim
  • Please be careful! ONLY the Trust can process claims and will know if a claimant is due compensation
  • We ask all potential claimants to please be patient as there are thousands of people whose claims will have to be processed, and each claim will take some time.