Johannesburg, 7 April 2022: Tshiamiso Trust is pleased to announce that it has successfully paid out over R320 million to 3 598 eligible claimants and their families. This milestone has been achieved in just over a year since the launch of the Trust’s claims management system.

Daniel Kotton CEO of Tshiamiso Trust says: “It has been a monumental undertaking to get to this point, but the traction that we’ve gained is proof that the system, partnerships and processes that we put in place are working. That said, we are continually upgrading our systems, increasing efficiencies, and expanding our operational capabilities to build on this momentum and speed up the claims process further. This includes furthering our system automation and working with the mines to digitise service records dating as far back as 1965”.

Over 81 766 mineworkers or families of mineworkers have lodged a claim with the Trust to date. Currently, 30 – 40 claims are being paid per day, to a value of between R3 and R4 million.

Unfortunately, for every claim paid, many more are rejected due to various provisions stipulated in the Trust Deed. Reasons why a claim may be found to be ineligible include:

  • The mineworker did not carry out risk work at one of the 82 qualifying gold mines during the time periods stipulated in the Trust Deed (12 March 1965 and 10 December 2019).
  • The medical records do not show evidence of either of the two compensable diseases – TB or silicosis.
  • A Lung Function Test could not be performed by the claimant.
  • The claimant was part of a previous settlement agreement, and therefore cannot also claim through the Thsiamiso Trust.

In the nature of the long and complex court-approved Trust Deed to which Tshiamiso must adhere, the requirements and the process through which each claim must be assessed are equally complex. As the Trust matures its systems, increasing focus is being given to speeding up the settlement of claims, as well the improving on communication with existing and potential claimants.

Useful links:
To check eligibility for a claim: https://www.tshiamisotrust.com/information/status-check/
To view the claims process: https://www.tshiamisotrust.com/information/how-to-claim/
To view daily progress of claims and payments: https://www.tshiamisotrust.com/information/progress-report/